Marco Greggi

Marco Greggi

On Capital Gains and Income

One minute of Professor Edrey's lesson in Ferrara on capital gains taxation and the inconsistencies deriving from a discriminatory tax vis a vis income.

English for Taxes in Ferrara

Seminars and Meetings with Ann Richter, University of Lyon, in

The quest for a good tax policy

10 Seconds of Yoseph Edrey's class at the University of

Italy, Malta and Taxation

As the new crisis in the East seems to replace pandemic in the European agenda, states are still struggling to find economic resources needed to preserve the we Malta and Italy, so close to each other, seem to have adopted different legal strategies in this respect.

Constitutional Aspects of Fiscal Legislation

On March 3rd 2022 Yoseph Edrey, Letizia Gianformaggio Visiting Professor

Professor Nellie Munin lectures at the University of Ferrara on the Israeli Tax policy on Covid-19

We were pleased an honored to have Nellie Munin (Zefat

Taxation and Globalization Adapting Tax Policy to Covid-19: Evidence from Israel

University of Ferrara and Zefat Academic College joint seminars Ferrara,

Professor Yoseph Edrey to lecture in Ferrara on the "Constitutional Aspects of Fiscal Legislation"

We re glad to announce that from February 2022 Professor

Framing Wealth (and Taxing it): the Cases for Capital gains and Crypto Currencies

The Ferrara's Department of Law is glad to announce that

Academic Partnership with the Zefat Academic College (IL) - Taxation and more ...

On November 2021 the University of Ferrara has signed an