Denken als Rechnen

Denken als Rechnen
Martin Heidegger (1889 - 1976)

Reasoning as Calculating: is it going to be true in tax law ?

What are the boundaries of IA and predictive justice in the field of taxation ? And what about the limits of IA in the decision making processes ?

One year ago I have been invited by colleagues at the University of Verona, to share my thoughts on the matter (alas, in Italian).

These are my ideas, as I moved from Martin Heidegger position (and warnings) on the matter to the latest decision of the Italian (and Dutch) judiciary.

It was Verona, and it was thrilling!

My presentation at the University of Verona, on June 28th 2022 (in Italian)

Here is the paper I have developed on the basis of my presentation: alas, it's in Italian.