Dear French Students, a warm welcome in Ferrara (although ... virtually)!

This page has been created by Professor Georges Cavalier and me (Marco Greggi) to allow yo to access the materials I make available to the students of my University (slides, readings materials, etc ...).

It will be updated on weekly basis starting from the first class, scheduled on February 23rd 2024 (Friday).

Here is the fist powerpoint presentation!

1 - International Taxation, Law and Interpretation - 2024
International Tax Law Marco Greggi, University of Ferrara Lesson 01

Here is the first video:

Dear students,
in the second week, classes n° 2 and 3 we shall address the international tax. law aspects of VAT (value added tax) as we did during the first class with income.
Here below you can find a massive (massive!) presentation I have made on European VAT. IN classes 2 and 3 only the first 47 slides or so will be discussed, fear not.
Important news! 
On February 29th and March 1st I will be en route to the Middle east where I am supposed to meet some partners of my Department. As a consequence classes are confirmed at the usual time but will beheld by Professor Edward Spiteri (whom you met in the first class) ONLINE ONLY.

2 - International Taxation, The Case of VAT - 2024
International Tax Law Marco Greggi, University of Ferrara Lesson 02 (The VAT)

Here below you can find the class I had on March 7th 2024.

exv-efhx-cyv (2024-03-07 14:18 GMT+1)

Here is the recording of the class we had on March 8th 2024.

Int. Tax - part 1 - march 8th 2024.m4a
Int. Tax - part 2 - march 8th 2024.m4a