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giovedì 8 maggio 2008

Last seminars in Ferrara

Taken from an email message from Yossi to Marco ...

... Lectures: either way. We can do it on Friday or split it into 2 days.
Personally I tend to prefer to split but it really does not matter.
The title of the first one (Constitutional). How about the following:
"Taxes, Social Contract, Canon of Good Tax and the Constitution"? if it is
sounds too heavy or too Bombastic please do not hesitate to make your own
As for the second lecture: when you say "I think that your second option is
the best one" did you mean Tax and property rights? Tax Administration ? or
development of the Israeli constitution and the sources of the Israeli legal
system ? If you meant the latter how about the following title: The Sources
of the Legal and Constitutional System in a Jewish and Democratic State "? ...

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