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mercoledì 27 febbraio 2008

Corso intensivo di Diritto industriale a Oxford

Per il secondo anno consecutivo alcuni miei colleghi dell'Università "Ramat Gan" mi segnalano l'organizzazione di un corso intensivo sulla proprietà intellettuale che organizzeranno questa estate all'Università di Oxford.

Segue qui sotto la mail che mi hanno inviato

The Academic College of Law Summer Program in Oxford


Intellectual Property: Copyright in the Computer Age

Dr. Kim Treiger-Bar-Am

The summer program will bring a small group of students to Oxford, UK. Its subject is intellectual property, with a focus on copyright issues and problems raised in the computer age. The program will include presentations from scholars from the University of Oxford and the University of London.

Dates: The program will be held from July 31 - August 7, 2008.

Academic Program: The course will focus on a variety of intellectual property issues facing computer software development. The course will begin with a broad overview of different copyright models, comparing Anglo-American, European and Israeli approaches.

Visiting lecturers will then augment the course on particular subject matters, such as the following: (1) the range of problems posed to traditional copyright models by digitalisation; (2) the global corporate structures that utilise copyright strongholds; and (3) trademark rights over domain names.

In addition to the lectures presented by legal scholars from the Universities of Oxford and London, presentations are planned by an expert in the Oxford University computing center, and a video-conference broadcast from a director at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Reading will be assigned before-hand. In Oxford there will be a combination of lectures and tutorial-style teaching, as is customary at the University of Oxford.

Accommodation: Participants will find accommodation arranged at St. John's College, University of Oxford. St. John's is one of Oxford's oldest colleges, established in the 1400's. It is located in the heart of Oxford, and is one of the city and University's great historic spots. It was the College to which Charles I fled when chased by Cromwell's troops at the time of the 17th century Revolution. Participants will be accommodated in student rooms, with access to the College’s grounds and gardens. Breakfast will be taken in the College Hall. Most of the course sessions will be held in the College as well.

Expenses: The cost of tuition for the course will be 150 Euros. Participants will also cover the cost of their flight and transport to Oxford. Accommodation in St. John’s College will be at the special rate of 25 pounds per night, including breakfast.

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